Italian wood fired pizza oven -Goti Terrecotte manufacturer wood fired pizza oven made in Italy

Wood-fired Garden and Outdoor ovens.

A small space in your backyard garden is more than enough to accommodate one of our wood-fired ovens made of food safe refractory terracotta. Enjoy the excitement of throwing a party in your backyard, immersed in a warm and welcoming atmosphere sharing delicious "pizzas" cooked in a wood-fired oven. Even more so, you can cook multiple pizzas thanks to the oven’s great heat retention properties.

Make the most of happy moments spent with your friends sharing a beer or a bottle of fine wine!

Even children can have fun personalizing their pizza with their favourite ingredients and cooking it in a wood-fired garden oven. Never mind if their combinations are not always perfect ... the result will be a mouth-watering pizza prepared with their own hands.

Italian wood fired pizza oven
Italian wood fired pizza oven
Your garden oven will become a focal point for spending unforgettable afternoons and evenings entertaining family and friends.

However, a wood-fired oven is not just for making pizza!

The taste of a Tuscan ragù sauce cooked in an "earthenware pot” is beyond words. Roast chicken cooks quickly and becomes a real treat paired with roast potatoes. Even classic recipes turn out absolutely delicious.

Roast meat is an all-time favourite and comes out exquisite even when it is cooked in your electric oven at home... but nothing beats the flavour of a roast meat dish cooked in a wood-fired garden oven.
Many households love to use their wood-fired oven during get-togethers and birthday parties, not only because of its great energy saving potential, but also because these ovens deliver the most scrumptious and delicious pizzas. A child’s birthday party with lots of friends no longer becomes a burden in terms of expenditure... but a true festive moment for both your children and your wallet!

One of our most loyal and satisfied customers, father to three children, was proud to tell us that organizing birthday parties with food cooked in his wood-fired garden oven allowed him to recover all the expenses made! Having said this, we wish to point out that safety and quality are our primary concern. The terracotta used for building Goti Terrecotte wood-fired ovens is certified for food use. Apart from that, Goti has chosen terracotta and not refractory concrete as raw material for a reason.

Italian wood fired pizza oven
Italian wood fired pizza oven
It is true that simply pouring concrete into a mould is a much cheaper solution compared to Refractory Terracotta, but, in our opinion, there are several drawbacks that need to be taken into account.
Firstly, the need to minimize the risk of concrete particles crumbling and falling into the food. That is why an oven destined for outdoor use must be made to last and capable of resisting deterioration over time, not to mention safety of use.

Another key aspect is the material’s cooking performance and ability to maintain a constant temperature. We must never skimp on safety, especially in when it comes to food contamination risk. So, it goes without saying that a terracotta oven is the best option. And to save money and be assured of its quality, it is best to buy it directly from the manufacturer.


Italian wood fired pizza oven