Professional Ovens

Professional pizza oven -Goti Terrecotte manufacturer professional pizza oven made in Italy

Goti Terrecotte produces professional wood-fired ovens made of refractory terracotta.

What exactly is a professional oven? And how does it differ from a domestic oven?

ALL models of Goti Terrecotte wood-fired ovens have the same technical and qualitative features. All our ovens, including those destined for professional use (pizza parlours, restaurants and catering services) have the same features: top- quality materials, handcrafted, easy to assemble and high energy efficiency. They only differ from each other in shape and size. Ovens measuring over 110 cm are classified as “professional”. Since they take up a lot of space, they are not suitable for use in a domestic environment.
Professional pizza oven
Professional pizza oven

Why choose a professional wood-fired oven?

Our wood-fired ovens are made of terracotta that is hand-pressed into moulds. This particular technique facilitates the evaporation of any moisture from the kiln shelves thanks to the presence of “open pores” in the terracotta’s mesh reinforcement. Proper evaporation and moisture drainage during cooking is beneficial in two ways: it enhances food crispiness and minimizes energy dispersion. Energy consumption is an issue of primary importance taken into account in the design and development of our ovens. Our recent studies show a reduction of almost 50% on energy consumption compared to ovens built using different technologies. energetici confrontati a forni realizzati con tecnologie differenti.
Strong points of our ovens:
  • Efficient thermal performance
  • Top-notch craftsmanship
  • Heat spreads evenly over the entire cooking floor
  • Long-lasting materials

Certified ovens

All our ovens are certified for food use.

We ship all over Europe

Our products are available online all over Italy and Europe. Our ovens are carefully packaged according to the shipping method chosen and are easy to install following simple, step-by-step assembly instructions.

Goti Terrecotte provides post-sale support for all of its products.

Would you like to receive information on a new professional oven? Contact us using the form below. One of our consultants will take care of your request and get back to you as soon as possible. Together we will find the best solution for your needs.
Professional pizza oven

Professional pizza oven