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Pizza oven from Italy -Goti Terrecotte manufacturer pizza oven from Italy

Pizza oven from Italy
Goti Terrecotte boasts over 50 years’ experience stemming from the owner Giancarlo’s strong passion for ceramics. He started out as a student ceramic decorator and following his marriage to Fiorella Goti, he set up a small artisan workshop in Sesto Fiorentino.

Business grew rapidly and in 1973, Giancarlo and Fiorella established their company in Calenzano, a few kilometers far from Florence (Tuscany). Thanks to the knowledge acquired over the years, Giancarlo was able to experiment with new materials and innovative production techniques, in particular:

Ceramics processed by

hand-pressing clay into artistic moulds, in place of the traditional slip casting method.

The use of clay extracted from the quarries of Impruneta for producing frost – resistant pots. This clay, unique of its kind, is mixed and kneaded with water following a recipe handed down from generation to generation and is used to create Refractory Terracotta with which our professional and outdoor ovens for food use are built.

Quality - certified, highly resistant refractory terracotta fired at 1040°C.
Pizza oven from Italy
Pizza oven from Italy
Handcrafted oil jars, roof tiles, statues, flower boxes, pots, basins, chimneys, custom-made bricks, bas-reliefs and all kinds of ornaments are produced in the Giancarlo’s well-equipped workshop.

The department dedicated to the production of wood-fired ovens enabled Goti Terrecotte to gain international recognition and become a point of reference in the market of wood-fired professional, domestic and garden ovens made of refractory terracotta.

Now this invaluable tradition and experience has been handed down and enriched, in turn, by Giancarlo’s daughter Sara, Designer and Creative Director of the Goti Group. Thanks to Goti Terrecotte ovens, you can make your cooking and décor dreams come true all at once while enjoying exquisite pizza and all kinds of dishes that evoke memories and flavours of our celebrated culinary tradition. A value that permeates our products that are recognized loved and appreciated all over the world.

With over 1000 products in the catalogue, Goti Terrecotte is able to provide tailored solutions for every need. Any irregularities in shape or variations in colour are distinctive of an inimitable, high-quality handcrafted product. Sara Cecchi, Giancarlo Cecchi, Fiorella Goti.

Pizza oven from Italy