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Quality guaranteed and certified in the laboratory
Italian outdoor pizza oven

Not only has the terracotta of our wood-fired ovens been tested and analyzed in the laboratory to exclude the emission of toxic substances in contact with food, even the raw materials used are certified and have their own safety data sheets. Guaranteed and certified quality.

Quality holidays in Paros
Italian outdoor pizza oven

A Greek island, Paros, a unique and relaxing setting, where you can enjoy a Neapolitan pizza, healthy and tasty, perhaps by  poolside. Pandesia Villas in Paros, you will find our oven that the owners have chosen to pamper you and give you the opportunity to eat a pizza cooked in a certified terracotta oven, conscious purchase.


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Italian outdoor pizza oven

Pizza is surely the most popular Italian dish in the world: easy to prepare with a handful of ingredients, healthy, tasty and perfect for any occasion. Of course, the secret lies in the dough, but the goodness of pizza mostly depends on the cooking method. Whether you use a sourdough starter or brewer's yeast, whether you want a thin or thick pizza crust, soft or crunchy, the key to the perfect pizza is the right oven.
For this reason, "pizza cooked in terracotta" is a true guarantee of quality thanks to a natural, healthy cooking method that conveys undisputed tastiness to any kind of food. All this is achieved at the heart of the oven where the interaction between terracotta and pizza creates an unparalleled combination. The oven interior is entirely lined with refractory terracotta, a compact, pure material obtained from a mixture of uncontaminated clays. Refractory terracotta prevents the alteration of food properties and avoids the risk of particles crumbling and falling into your food. A single combustion is enough for the heat to spread evenly and remain constant, thus eliminating moisture levels, not to mention the great energy saving potential.  In fact, thanks to its thermal and insulating properties, terracotta conveys a genuine Mediterranean flavour to your pizza, which will come out crispy to perfection and permeated with an unmistakable aroma. To enjoy a unique sensorial experience, try a “pizza cooked in terracotta”. Contact GOTI Terrecotte to find which pizza parlours in your area own one of our ovens. You can also make an appointment and visit us directly to test one of our top-of-the-range ovens, rigorously certified for food use.

Italian outdoor pizza oven

Let us shed some light on our ovens and explain why we put so much emphasis on the fact that they are made of pure refractory terracotta, and at the same time, help customers make the best choice.
The “heart” of our pizza ovens is the refractory material from which they are made: terracotta, an inert, natural, robust, compact and healthy material. A refractory terracotta pizza oven is designed to last a lifetime and can be used to cook any kind of food in a safe and healthy manner, while ruling out the risk of food contamination by invisible, harmful particles.
Refractory terracotta delivers optimal cooking results and provides a greater performance compared to conventional pizza ovens. Come and see for yourself! When you cook a pizza for the first time in one of our ovens, you will fully understand what we are trying to transmit: the unique, enveloping warmth conveyed by a refractory terracotta pizza oven with exceptional cooking results. Terracotta in itself is a thermal, insulating material, capable of retaining heat for a long time and as such, allows for higher energy savings and less wood waste.
Terracotta does not release contaminants into your food. In this respect, Goti snc holds a certification of conformity issued by chemical laboratories attesting that each oven component is suitable for food use. The oven base and dome are made of the same material and assembly is made easy thanks to modular elements that fit together perfectly with no need for concrete. Obviously, the structure must be insulated on the outside with a mixture of cement and vermiculite, but the very core of your oven, which is essential for cooking, is made exclusively of terracotta.
Cooking in a terracotta oven delivers the most satisfying results with the release of distinctive aromas and flavours. Have you ever tasted pizza or bread cooked in a terracotta oven? Do not hesitate to call us to know which pizza parlours own one of our terracotta ovens. If you prefer, you can come to our headquarters in Calenzano where you will find one of our ovens fired up and ready for you to test.
Terracotta is an ancient, fascinating material, but extremely difficult to work with. Processing times are longer and more expensive compared to concrete poured into moulds. Our skilled craftsmen here at Goti snc follow long-established procedures, such as the ancient Tuscan hand – pressing method. That is why we are able to deliver a unique product at a price in line with the current market conditions.
Excellent price/quality ratio!
Our refractory terracotta pizza ovens are truly certified “Made in Italy" products, built according to tradition. All our selected materials come from our national territory.
Thank you for your attention. If you require any further information, feel free to contact us! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

From the magazine “Hospitality per Host 2019”
Italian outdoor pizza oven

The craft and art of clay
The Tuscan company Goti Terrecotte, with a long-standing experience in the processing of terracotta, produces handcrafted ornamental artifacts for outdoor use in Impruneta clay, and wood-fired ovens built with materials made up of a special mixture.
The tradition of handcrafting garden terracotta artifacts is known to have developed in Tuscany in the area between Florence and Siena. This ancient art has become popular all over the world thanks to a refined design and, above all, the quality of the clay mixture used. Here, small and medium-sized enterprises have resumed manufacturing methods that rely on a long-established tradition, bringing our country to prominence at the international level. This is the place where Goti Terrecotte d’Arte has been producing, for over fifty years, terracotta artifacts with distinctive characteristics, combining passion, enthusiasm and inventiveness.
“Our company - says owner and founder Giancarlo Cecchi – is engaged in the production and distribution of terracotta artifacts, including wood-fired ovens of various shapes and sizes. Manufactured using the hand – pressing technique, our products are intended for garden décor and outdoor use in general, as well as for professional and private catering services”.
Based in Calenzano (province of Florence), Goti Terrecotte d’Arte (Designer Terracotta) was established in 1973 thanks to the great passion for ceramics of master decorator Giancarlo Cecchi and his experience in the sector gained since early childhood.
“Crafting ceramics using the hand - pressing method in place of traditional slip-casting – continues Giancarlo Cecchi – combined with exceptional raw materials such as Impruneta clay, allowed us to become a point of reference in the sector, in terms of quality and consultancy. Moreover, thanks to the careful management of our family-run business, we are able to commercialize products with prestigious technical and artistic value at highly competitive prices. The clay we use comes from the world - famous quarries of Impruneta, in the Chianti territory. The soil of this area, known for its extraordinary biological and physical characteristics, is mixed in doses and proportions based on an original recipe refined in over 50 years’ experience”.
Thanks to this particular recipe, today the company is able to produce exceptionally long-lasting products, resistant to frost and all types of weather conditions in general. The Calenzano workshop is well-equipped for producing a wide range of handmade and customizable items, such as oil jars, tiles, statues, flower boxes, pots, basins, chimneys, tailor-made bricks, bas-reliefs and a varied assortment of ornaments.
Over the years, to avoid giving in to marketing logics that tend to consider local labour less valuable compared to foreign workforce, Giancarlo Cecchi, prompted by the entrepreneurial spirit that distinguishes valiant crafstmen, decided to reinvent his business. He started by introducing professional and outdoor ovens for food use into his collection, with a special focus on top – quality, highly resistant refractory terracotta.  The company quickly rose to prominence, becoming a leader in the sector.
«At our workshop – continues Giancarlo Cecchi – you will find a wide assortment of insulated wood-fired ovens, ready for use. In addition, this particular type of terracotta is certified for food use and does not contain harmful residues».
The terracotta mixture obtained through a skillful balance between water, clay and refractory material (based on a secret recipe followed by the Florentine company for over eight years now) stands out for its particular safety properties combined with exceptional cooking performance.
“Although pouring cement into a mould is surely a cheaper solution compared to the processing of refractory terracotta - concludes Giancarlo - in our opinion, there are several drawbacks when it comes to safety and performance. In fact, the main risk is that concrete particles may crumble and detach from the oven walls (that have to endure extremely high temperatures) and end up inside the food, causing a great deal of problems. Moreover, a wood-fired backyard oven, for example, is ideal for get -togethers with guests and friends, and as such, must be designed to last without deteriorating over time. Thanks to the ability of our refractory material to maintain a constant temperature with no need to kindle the fire all the time, bread and pizza are cooked to perfection, reviving old-time, traditional flavours”.
Giancarlo’s invaluable skills have been passed on to his daughter Sara who now works alongside him at Goti Terrecotte d'Arte. Designer and creative director of the Group, Sara shares the same passion and attention to detail as her father, with a view to continue a tradition that perfectly conveys the exquisite Italian craftsmanship behind this noteworthy brand.
 Special wood-fired ovens
Wood-fired garden ovens, ideal for cooking pizza, breads and all sorts of dishes, are produced and sold at the workshop - headquarters of Goti Terrecotte D’Arte, in the province of Florence. All Goti products, rigorously made of food safe refractory terracotta, combine exquisite artisan design with high technical performance, and are able to deliver excellent cooking results. Wood-fired ovens, fired at 1040°C, are manufactured according to original designs refined over 50 years of business history. Thanks to a department specifically devoted to the production of  wood-fired ovens, Goti Terrecotte has been distributing its products wherever quality matters, even abroad, thus enabling the brand to be recognized as sector leader even outside of Italy.

History of a brand and its evolution
Italian outdoor pizza oven

At the end of the 1990s, competition, especially from Eastern Europe - where labour costs were extremely low - along with the market laws, started to become tougher, causing us to consider a change of course.

Up till then, we had been engaged in the manufacture of small-sized artifacts starting as early as the 1960s and becoming official in 1973. Business had been running smoothly, taking root in the territory and meeting the needs of the area. However, globalization was on the rise and to avoid giving up, we had to start thinking big with a view to reinventing and expanding our business.

This called for refining our product developing strategy while focusing more on niche markets. For this reason,
Goti Terrecotte seeks and obtains the prestigious “Impruneta clay”, an incomparable raw material. Its excellent frost-proof properties and most of all, the ability to withstand exposure to water makes it able to resist the lowest temperatures and last almost forever.
We also had to rethink our entire manufacturing process, which, of course, became more complex and time-consuming.

Impruneta clay
is hand-pressed into moulds and dries very slowly. Firing it at extremely high temperatures also takes a lot time.
Over time, production starts to expand, even though the size of the company and the number of employees are reduced. The company, one of the few that still manages to survive in the area of Sesto Fiorentino and Calenzano, starts opening up to foreign market. Following years of redesigning and hard the end of the first decade of 2000, Goti Terrecotte decides to give its history a further twist. This called for a more farsighted approach with a view towards foreign market demand and the food sector, which literally meant walking through fire. Such shift of focus will eventually lead to the production of ovens, of which 12 models already exist. But this is yet another chapter of the history of this noteworthy brand.

Goti, Craftsmanship and Art
Italian outdoor pizza oven

The splendid Calenzano showroom

“When you visit the splendid showroom of Goti Terrecotte d’arte (via di Le Prata, 85/a in Calenzano), you understand why the line between art and top-quality craftsmanship is so fine. As a matter of fact, the story of this reputable brand stems from the common passion for ceramics of Giancarlo Cecchi and his wife Fiorella Goti.  They managed to make their business grow over the years and today they produce a wide range of artistic terracotta artifacts including basins, oil jars, ornamental statues and fountains directly at their headquarters. Over recent years, new products that are sparking their market’s interest have been added, such as ovens and barbecues made of refractory terracotta: “Our products – explains Sara Cecchi, who recently joined the family business – are 100% Made in Italy, starting from Impruneta clay, the raw material par excellence. The whole production cycle takes place inside the company under the attentive eye and experienced hand of Giancarlo Cecchi: “All our items are entirely handcrafted - continues Sara Cecchi – and as such, we are able to deliver exclusive products and equally exclusive services, such as tailored solutions to satisfy specific customer demands”. The extensive catalogue of Goti terrecotte d’arte is available at: Visitors can also stop by at our showroom in via di Le Prata 85/a in Calenzano to have a first hand view of our products and meet the Goti family in person

Wood-fired ovens
Italian outdoor pizza oven
Talking about pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven leads us to discuss a wide range of other topics. We are constantly researching solutions to offer top-quality cooking options, in particular, wood-fired garden ovens. To this end, we are particularly focused on researching and developing "the mouth of the oven”.
To modify an element of a refractory terracotta pizza oven, we need to make a matrix out of the same, based on which the moulds are developed.
Reasons for choosing the “wide mouth” version of our outdoor/garden wood-fired ovens made of refractory terracotta, certified for food use:
The exclusive Refractory Terracotta mixture certified for food use.
The possibility to cook Giant Pizzas with a diameter of up to 70 cm ...
You can save lots of money by purchasing it directly from one of the most experienced historical manufacturers at worldwide level.
Once the moulds are ready, the modified oven elements are manufactured and then tested. Modifying the mouth of the oven is a delicate matter but is essential to enable cooking large pizzas.
The oven mouth, 70 cm wide, with a diameter of 1m makes it possible to cook pizzas, chickpea pancakes, etc. in baking trays, as well as all kinds of barbecued meat.
The perfect balance between width and height delivers the best performance in terms of insulation and heat retention.
Besides large pizzas, the 70 cm aperture enables cooking food in large baking pans, thus allowing you to expand your cooking options and repertoire.
As soon as we launched the “Wide Mouth wood-fired oven, it met with a great success. It is easy to assemble like the other models but much more versatile, and offers multiple cooking options.
Besides its food safety features, a Goti refractory terracotta wood-fired oven stands out for its heat retaining property, such that you can still cook a meal in it the day after (depending on the type of food)
The first feedback from our customers revealed their satisfaction in cooking giant pizzas and cutting them into chunky wedges for the delight of their children.

Once again, our wood-fired outdoor/backyard oven becomes the protagonist, thanks to the Wide Mouth version that offers multiple options to enhance your culinary experience.
Ready to build your dream backyard oven? Contact us for further details.
Direct purchase from the Manufacturer. We ship anywhere in Italy.

 Write to Sara and...
She will get back to you immediately!

APIzza: the itinerant terracotta oven suitable for every occasion
Italian outdoor pizza oven
About APIzza
APIzz is the latest novelty from Goti Terrecotte: a revolutionary “oven on wheels”, ideal for cooking pizzas and other specialties. Everyone can now enjoy cooking with terracotta.  
APIzza is the result of a special combination between an agile means of transport, the timeless Ape Piaggio, and the excellence of Goti branded ovens.
Our prestigious ovens made of certified refractory terracotta are now accessible to everyone thanks to our innovative and exclusive hiring service. Goti’s refractory terracotta is made from a secret mix of selected clays suitable for cooking and refractory material obtained from "pure" aggregates, and as such, is certified for food use.
An all-round oven made up of a chimney, lining, a kneading surface and the necessary technical support. Combined with an Ape car, our itinerant oven can go anywhere: Hire it now!
Street food events, backyard parties, village festivals, private gatherings, catering services and the like: APIzza can reach any location at your request. Everybody will have the opportunity to enjoy and share delicious, healthy food cooked in terracotta.
“Pizza cooked in terracotta”, but not only that. Terracotta is perfect for cooking a wide variety of mouth-watering roast meats and side dishes. Any dish cooked in a wood-fired terracotta oven rewards you with deep, delicious flavour, not to mention other benefits such as increased digestibility.
If necessary, you can request the assistance of a pizza maker or a trusted chef to make the most of your dishes and enjoy the moment.
Contact us for further information on our hiring service.

5 Benefits of Cooking in Clay
Italian outdoor pizza oven

If you are interested in food quality, you may be interested in cooking methods too.
Throughout the centuries, clay has always been used in cooking and it’s still a great support for its power to make healthier also the modern courses.
Which are the benefits of cooking in clay?
Here we offer a list of 5 good reasons why you should choose this material.
1) Clay preserves a perfect taste.
Talking about good food, taste is the most important thing you should consider. Clay exactly respects both nutritive and savoury qualities of all ingredients. Aroma is completely unaltered: a real success for our taste buds!

2) Clay maintains a uniform cooking temperature.
This material guarantees a gradual diffusion of heat in each step of the recipe, without thermal shifts which could negatively influence the final result. This process avoids micro-charring of solids when subjected to high temperature.

3) It's a natural and non-toxic material.
Contrary to materials like steel or aluminium, refractory clay isn't made through chemical treatments which could be dangerous for human well-being.

4) It facilitates a fat-free kitchen.
Clay porosity allows a good exchange between heat and humidity. During the cooking time, liquids are slowly absorbed so as to keep balanced the humidity of ingredients, avoiding the use of oils and other liquids.

5) It can be used for a healthy and eco-friendly modern kitchen.
Cooking in clay is often associated to traditional plates, like braised meat, ragù, risotto and so on, but new experimental products and tools allow to cook modern courses, such as the beloved pizza and other delights. For example, taste meets health in clay refractory ovens, produced by Goti Terrecotte for professional or domestic use. Ovens are made with all natural and certified materials and they promise a great energy saving.

Pots made of “cotto di Impruneta”: timeless beauty
Italian outdoor pizza oven

The beauty of terracotta pots - a traditional craft that never goes out of fashion - is unquestionable. This ancient material with its unique colour is ideal for embellishing gardens and terraces. Even tiny imperfections and colour non-uniformity can be considered as aesthetic features that testify to the underlying creative process, natural materials and skilled craftsmanship. In other words, Goti has chosen brand reputation over mass-produced artifacts.
However, a widespread fear is that such refined items are not able to withstand harsh winters and frosts. But this is not the case. Trust us! Our pots and artifacts made from Impruneta terracotta will never break or crack, not even when left outdoors in freezing temperatures.
And do you know why? Well, let us explain the properties of the clays extracted from the Impruneta quarries, just a few kilometers far from Florence.
The soil of the Impruneta area is rich in marlstone, an argillaceous rock known for its high frost resistance. Exactly for this reason, the clays mined in this area - carefully separated from waste materials without the involvement of any chemical process – are celebrated for their “frost-proof” properties, to say it in technical terms.
Impruneta terracotta is also renowned for its permeability and porosity as the clays from which it derives are rich in calcium salts and carbonates. It is ideal for making pots destined to be buried neck deep in the soil as outdoor design features, thanks to its ability to endure extremely low temperatures (even below zero, typical of regions outside the Mediterranean area).
People often buy terracotta pots that do not bear the “Cotto d’Impruneta” mark only to find out that the quality does not match the price. But this is certainly not the case with GOTI Terrecotte pots! These are made of certified terracotta and are identified by the original Goti trademark and manufacture date testifying to their longevity.
To understand the remarkable properties and durability of Impruneta terracotta, it suffices to say that Brunelleschi used terracotta bricks to build the dome of the celebrated cathedral in Florence in the early 1400s. As we can see, the construction still stands the test of time despite the fact that it was built without supports of any kind.

Why is a refractory terracotta oven the best option?
Italian outdoor pizza oven
The quality of a material can be recognized at a glance; if you look closely at the picture above, you will notice the difference between refractory terracotta and a material of the type normally used for building ovens, which, more often than not, is mixed with concrete. The differences are striking when comparing them side by side.
But what is the main difference between these two materials?  It mostly depends on the grade of purity of the clays chosen as the main terracotta ingredient, besides the fact that they are blended and processed using refractory material derived from pure, certified aggregates, with no addition of impure materials that could be hazardous to human health.
Terracotta is compact and dense, with a completely natural, pasty shade. It does not crumble and as such, does not release hazardous particles into food. Conversely, other types of materials are made from impure mixtures and rarely certified for food use. In addition, they need to be painted to give them a natural look.
Refractory material is able to withstand the highest temperatures, unlike common terracotta used for making pots, and does not give rise to any chemical interaction with the substances - food in the first place - with which it comes into contact. That is why refractory terracotta is a healthy option. Furthermore, it conveys a particular fragrance to food without contaminating it. Ideal for ovens designed for food use, refractory terracotta is known for its ability to warm up quickly based on the thickness of the artifact, and cool down slowly thanks to its thermal insulating property. This facilitates the cooking process and assures great energy savings. In fact, a terracotta oven retains heat for a long time and you can still cook a meal in it the day after without having to rekindle the fire.  
The superiority of a product is assured, above all, by the raw material of choice. Goti refectory terracotta ovens are completely reliable, accurately crafted with strong attention to detail and high-quality.

Terracotta, a part of human history
Italian outdoor pizza oven
In this new post, we would like to recount some curious facts about terracotta, a material so deeply cherished by Goti Terrecotte. For example, going back through the centuries, did you now that clay - the main ingredient used for making terracotta - played a crucial role in the creation of mankind according to myths and religious beliefs?
In fact, in ancient times, when science alone was unable to answer the greatest questions about mankind, stories and legends were invented from human imagination in the relentless search for the ultimate answer.
Curiously enough, in many cultures, despite the great differences between each other, the creation of man is associated with a natural material known by humanity since the dawn of time. We are talking about clay, commonly known as “earth”.
Here are a few examples.
According to Greek mythology, Prometheus, a Titan god, shapes man out of clay and breathes life into him.  He then steals fire from the gods and delivers it to mankind, but this will eventually cost him the deadly wrath of Zeus. Pandora, the first human woman, is believed to have been created by Hephaestus who, according to Hesiod “models out of clay a being resembling a chaste maiden”.
In the Book of Genesis, “God forms man out of the dust of the ground and breaths into his nostrils the breath of life”. And speaking of the Assiryrian-Babilonians, the magical text Šurpu reveals how the human figure was modelled directly from clay. An ancient Chinese fairy tale instead, narrates the story of a female goddess, Nuwa, who decides to create a being "in her image and likeness" from the soil of a riverbed while she was admiring her reflection in the water. As we can see, in recounting the origin of everything, a common thread unites all these cultures although they differ so greatly from each other in terms of time, place and space. Think about it: a poor material valued as a precious substance linked to the origin of life. Clay (and its derivatives), a constant presence in the daily life of many peoples, has always played a privileged role throughout the ages and in many different contexts, taking on a legendary trait at times.

1973-2016 Goti Terrecotte: 43 years of glorious history
Italian outdoor pizza oven

The quality of a company is also revealed by its history. And this is the reason we are recounting the unique story of Goti Terrecotte, starting with "once upon a time", just like the opening of a beautiful fairy tale.

Once upon a time, back in the 1960s, Giancarlo Cecchi and Fiorella Goti, both driven by a common passion for terracotta, decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure that would eventually leave its mark in the sector of terracotta handicrafts. They set up their small artisan workshop near Florence, literally launching themselves onto a path marked with challenging milestones Thanks to their deep insight and respect for a poor but nonetheless noble material such as terracotta, Giancarlo and Fiorella, who had got married in the meantime, established the original nucleus of the company in 1973 and began producing small terracotta items ranging from wedding favours to a variety of decorative artifacts.
Later on, the brave couple decided to try their hand with "good quality terracotta”. This turned out to be the right choice. In fact, their relentless passion for handicrafts, combined with great professionalism and ambition made their business soar such that, during the 80s and the 90s, the company counted 13 employees.
In 1998, as the new millennium approached, Giancarlo, in view of expanding into new global markets, decided to give a twist to his business by increasing his customer base and focusing on a new product, that is, terracotta ovens, highly sought after both in Italy and abroad.
The turning point or “coup de theatre” (to use a term borrowed from drama glossary) brings Giancarlo’s business idea to higher levels, providing better market insights as the couple braves through the new challenges that came with the decision to start producing large-sized artifacts. This innovative business approach combines the same meticulousness applied to their graceful small-sized artifacts in the early years, with increased business functionality, without neglecting the value of craftsmanship at 360 degrees.
Giancarlo explains:
"The great challenge was to create an exclusive and innovative product destined to appeal to a specific niche market. The particular clay we use and the fact that our manufacturing process is carried out entirely by hand makes our product difficult to replicate."
In 2016, with a 43-year-long experience behind his back, Giancarlo, mindful of his proud past with an eye to the future, can count with the precious collaboration of his daughter Sara.

History of a brand and its evolution
Italian outdoor pizza oven

At the end of the 1990s, competition, especially from Eastern Europe - where labour costs were extremely low - along with the market laws, started to become tougher, causing us to consider a change of course.

Up till then, we had been engaged in the manufacture of small-sized artifacts starting as early as the 1960s and becoming official in 1973. Business had been running smoothly, taking root in the territory and meeting the needs of the area. However, globalization was on the rise and to avoid giving up, we had to start thinking big with a view to reinventing and expanding our business.

This called for refining our product developing strategy while focusing more on niche markets. For this reason,
Goti Terrecotte seeks and obtains the prestigious “Impruneta clay”, an incomparable raw material. Its excellent frost-proof properties and most of all, the ability to withstand exposure to water makes it able to resist the lowest temperatures and last almost forever.
We also had to rethink our entire manufacturing process, which, of course, became more complex and time-consuming.

Impruneta clay
is hand-pressed into moulds and dries very slowly. Firing it at extremely high temperatures also takes a lot time.
Over time, production starts to expand, even though the size of the company and the number of employees are reduced. The company, one of the few that still manages to survive in the area of Sesto Fiorentino and Calenzano, starts opening up to foreign market. Following years of redesigning and hard the end of the first decade of 2000, Goti Terrecotte decides to give its history a further twist. This called for a more farsighted approach with a view towards foreign market demand and the food sector, which literally meant walking through fire. Such shift of focus will eventually lead to the production of ovens, of which 12 models already exist. But this is yet another chapter of the history of this noteworthy brand.

A historical trend-setting brand paves the way for global marketing

It is fundamental for a historical company such as GOTI Terrecotte, well-rooted in a specific territory with its “Made in Italy” artisan traditions, to keep up with evolving communication technology with a focus towards expanding into global markets.
With the rise of the Internet, Social networks, etc., even companies that boast a prestigious industrial heritage have done their best to update their technology and exploit the opportunities offered by the Web. In our case, Internet websites, Facebook pages, just to mention some, are excellent marketing channels for promoting the inestimable value of traditional Italian craftsmanship.
Words and images offer visitors a preview of the undisputable qualities of a given brand before they physically touch and “feel” the real thing. We can say that Internet technology enables a 360 degree interaction with the outside world and knows no borders.
From Russia to Switzerland, from the United Kingdom to France, passing through Malta, Croatia and Scandinavia, as far as Australia: foreign customers can finally find what they are looking, that is, an exclusive product, unavailable elsewhere, completely handmade and certified for food use.
Exclusive, desirable products, totally crafted by hand with no automation involved ( except for the machines used for blending the special mixture), made up, as pointed out earlier, of the precious, world-renowned Impruneta clays.

A history of continuous improvement, with a view to preserving the skills and capabilities acquired over time.
Niche products, derived from the soil that generated them, become the quintessence of top-quality terracotta at worldwide level.

A business history dating back 40 years rooted in the present and projected towards the future.

Adorn your garden with our Terracotta products
Italian outdoor pizza oven

It takes so little to adorn a beautiful garden and give your home an original touch. Just bear in mind the three steps below:

  • Choose a style that represents your personality most

  • Select essential décor items pieces to create a welcoming and functional environment where you can enjoy the company of friends and guests

  • Install a good lighting system

Now you are ready to host romantic, pleasurable, entertaining or relaxing gatherings in your garden.

Come and see first-hand the garden that Goti Terrecotte D'autore has designed and created for you based on your design ideas.
Each item is handcrafted using natural materials that are able to withstand harsh winter conditions and freezing temperatures.

You can choose from a wide selection of products that will surely reflect your ideas and projects.

Goti exalts the Naples-style pizza!
Goti Terrecotte d'Autore wood-fired ovens deliver genuine, crispy and delicious pizzas while allowing you to cut your utility bills in half!  
The Naples-style pizza, the Italian dish par excellence, is famous worldwide for its characteristic round shape and simple but tasty ingredients.
We owe the fame of this gastronomic delicacy (and that of Naples aswell) to Vincenzo Corrado, who, around the second half of the 18th century, recounts that it was customary in Naples to season pizzas and macaroni pasta with tomato, sometimes mixed with other ingredients. The final result was overwhelmingly delicious. Based on these observations and the fact that wood-fired ovens were ever-present in most Neapolitan households, pizza soon became popular across Italy and the whole world.
Eating a good Naples-style pizza is a full-blown sensory experience where tradition, simplicity and tastiness come together. However, the same pizza cooked in a refractory terracotta oven built by Goti Terrecotte offers a unique, unforgettable experience!

Wood-fired ovens
Italian outdoor pizza oven

There is nothing better than a wood-fired oven to bring back forgotten memories; the flames that envelope the oven dome convey antique flavours and recall the traditional cooking practices of our ancestors. Thanks to Goti, you can relive nostalgic memories of antique flavours and aromas: homemade bread, crunchy or Naples-style pizza with its unmistakable puffy edge, roast meat with an incredible chargrilled tang conveyed by wood smoke, all baked inside a Goti oven made of hand-pressed refractory terracotta.
The oldest known wood-fired ovens date back to ancient Egyptian times and were made of bricks. A stone slab separated the combustion chamber from the cooking chamber. Later on, the Greeks first, and then the Romans, developed a wood-oven composed solely of a dome-shaped cap. The various types of wood-fired ovens known today do not differ much from those built in Roman times. Goti’s evolutionary approach in building its wood-fired ovens entails craft production with the use of a particular mixture of clay and certified refractory material. Unlike conventional wood-fired ovens or those made of bricks, the caps of our ovens do not contain concrete. Most importantly, our ovens are made up of various components (the number depends on the model) that interlock with each other; we definitely do not use concrete for filling the inner joints. The cooking floor of both our wood and gas - fired ovens must be simply placed on the base, being careful to leave some space between each element. We usually advise against using any type of mortar inside the oven (*see the user manual and the instruction booklet supplied at the moment of purchase).
Upon request, we can install a gas burner on all our refractory terracotta ovens for baking bread/pizza.
The main reason is the type of raw material from which they are made, that is, TERRACOTTA.
Greater heat retaining ability
Certified natural material
Constant release of retained heat
Significant energy savings
Wood-Fired Ovens built with Refractory Terracotta
Entirely handcrafted wood-fired ovens made of refractory terracotta containing no harmful substances.
Wide assortment to meet any need and space requirement
Line of products designed for domestic and professional use
Highly professional products designed for cooking pizza and dishes of all kinds.
High energy efficiency: the oven warms up quickly and cools down slowly   thanks to the release of retained heat.
Extremely versatile, easy to assemble thanks to their modular structure
Highly resistant to thermal dilatation and capable of enduring extremely high temperatures  
Designed by qualified engineers, designers and assemblers.
User and installation manual supplied with the oven  
Why choose Goti Terrecotte D'Arte (DesignerTerracotta)?
Wood-fired ovens made of refractory terracotta are the ideal solution for those who want to eat healthy and cut energy costs at the same time.
Goti Terrecotte d'Arte provides gourmet lovers with the best means for achieving culinary excellence.
Goti Terrecotte from Florence is proud to introduce its new range of hand-built wood-fired ovens entirely made of refractory terracotta, with no concrete or other toxic materials.
The refractory terracotta used for making our wood-fired ovens is fired at very high temperatures (1030°C).
This particular type of clay enables our ovens to warm up quickly and cool down slowly, unlike conventional ovens, thus resulting in improved combustion quality and higher energy efficiency.
All our refractory terracotta wood-fired ovens are versatile, easy to assemble and have a modular structure, which allows them to resist thermal expansion and endure extremely high temperatures. They are the result of careful planning by our collaborators, specialized engineers, designers and assemblers.
Thanks to the evolution applied to professional wood-fired ovens, Goti terrecotte has developed a series of refractory terracotta ovens for domestic use, easy to assemble and all supplied with a user manual.

You can request free information on customized wood-fired ovens at the following number: 055-8878708 or

Cooking in a Wood-fired Garden Oven and the Food Safety Certification.
Italian outdoor pizza oven
When purchasing an oven, taking the food safety certification into account is a smart move and a great example of customer awareness.
The refractory structure of our outdoor ovens consists in the visible outer lining built around the core. This is actually the cooking chamber where the fire burns, and as such, must be built to last. Also, it must be suitable for cooking pizza and other types of food in total safety with no risk of invisible, harmful particles falling into the food.
For clarity’s sake, we wish to reiterate that the terracotta used by Goti is an inert, sturdy, compact, natural and healthy material.
Since ancient times, refractory terracotta has been the material of choice for achieving excellent cooking performance. Thanks to our company’s wealth of experience and the investments destined to research, we can proudly affirm that Goti Terrecotte's wood -fired ovens deliver the utmost performance.
A fully preheated oven, attainable thanks to the excellent heat retaining and insulation properties of our exclusive refractory terracotta mixture, enables achieving first-rate cooking performance and great savings in terms of wood consumption.
Goti Terrecotte Certified Refractory Terracotta DOES NOT contaminate food.  The certificate of conformity issued by chemical laboratories testifies to the suitability of this material for food use.
The certificate guarantees the safety of all oven components, including the cooking floor (that may come into contact with the food) and above all, the vault. The exclusive clay mixture, combined with Goti Terrecotte’s long - established manufacturing method, prevents the release of food contaminants.
Thanks to the interlocking modular structure of our ovens, we are able to avoid the use of joint sealants. The core of all our ovens is entirely made of food safe Refractory Terracotta.
Wood-fired ovens, the cooking accessory par excellence for enhancing aromas and flavours of any recipe, had been replaced in the past for practical reasons by various types of gas or electric cookers, but are now making a comeback. Simple food, like bread and pizza taste much better when cooked in a wood-fired oven compared to an electric stove.
The taste of a Tuscan ragù sauce prepared in a terracotta pot and cooked in a wood-fired oven is incomparable.

Goti Terrecotte, situated in the heart of Tuscany in the province of Florence, produces its artifacts exclusively under the "Made in Italy" label.
The company chose to put quality and the final result first instead of considering cheaper alternatives to Refractory Terracotta such as concrete or non-certified production outside of Italy.
Artifacts made from a concrete mixture poured into a mould would be a cheaper solution for cutting production costs, to the detriment, however, of quality, performance and most importantly, consumer safety.
A wood-fired oven must be made to last and safe to use. Concrete tends to crumble and may release particles into the food being cooked, whereas, Refractory Terracotta produced by Goti Terrecotte is certified, safe to use ad highly performant.

Wood-Fired Ovens built with Refractory Terracotta
Italian outdoor pizza oven

The Florentine company Goti Terrecotte is proud to introduce its new wood-fired ovens made of refractory terracotta, entirely handcrafted without using cement or other types of harmful materials. The beneficial properties of refractory terracotta have been known for centuries, and this is exactly the material we use for building our wood-fired ovens. Fired at high temperatures (1030°C), refractory terracotta allows us to deliver highly professional products, designed for cooking pizza and a wide variety of dishes. Also, our ovens are suitable for professional and commercial use (pizza parlour, bakeries, etc.).
Thanks to the use of Impruneta clay in the refractory terracotta mixture, our ovens warm up quicker and cool down much slower than conventional ovens, with a better combustion quality and higher energy efficiency.

All our models of refractory terracotta wood-fired ovens are extremely versatile as they are made up of easy-to-assemble modular elements. This makes our ovens highly resistant to thermal expansion and as such, can endure the extremely high temperatures they are able to reach.
Our refractory terracotta wood-fired ovens are the result of careful design planning by our collaborators, including specialized engineers, designers and assemblers. Thanks to the evolution applied to professional wood-fired ovens, Goti Terrecotte has developed a series of easy- to - assemble refractory terracotta ovens for domestic use. All models are supplied with a user manual.

As regards food safety, our refractory terracotta wood-fired ovens are subjected to accurate chemical analyses conducted by a certified laboratory to confirm their suitability for food use.

Our wood-fired ovens comply with the limits imposed by DECREE No. 338 of July 22 1998 concerning food contact materials and are certified by C.S.T (Chemical Analysis and Physical Testing Laboratory). A copy of the certification is provided herein.
Why choose a GOTI refractory terracotta wood-fired oven?

Because of the material it is made of, that is, TERRACOTTA.
The certification guarantees that cooking pizza or any type of food in a GOTI wood-fired oven made of refractory terracotta is a healthy choice. Further advantages include:
Greater heat retaining ability
Certified natural material enabling constant release of retained heat
Significant energy savings
Ability to reach high temperatures in a short time

Italian outdoor pizza oven

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