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Professional ovens that will last forever

Based on ancient knowledge and centuries-old tradition in working with Tuscan clay, we created an innovative series of professional hand-kilned refractory earthenware kilns, certified for food use and adaptable to any type of structure.
  • Fully handcrafted processing
  • Consistent heat propagation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Durable materials
  • Certified for food use

High quality

The professional ovens for pizzerias and restaurants made by Goti Terrecotte are the result of a careful selection of the best clays proceeds from certified Tuscan grindings and a total craftsmanship.
While commercial ovens are pressed with industrial instrumentation that makes the cooking surfaces insulating, our refractory earthenware ovens are hand limed. This processing technique makes the tops especially porous and capable of efficiently evaporating the moisture created when cooking food.

Uniformity of heat propagation

The presence of the "open pores" within the lattice and the gradual outflow of moisture result in crispier baking

Power saving

The porosity of the tops makes heat propagation particularly uniform over the entire cooking surface and provides efficient heat output: we experienced an almost 50 percent reduction in energy consumption compared to ovens made with different technologies.

Adaptability to any facility

We carry out the sale of professional ovens broken down into interlocking modules for on-site assembly, which are the ideal solution for tight assembly spaces that are difficult to access.

Quantity and quality

With the Goti Terrecotte ovens you can make up to 7 bakes of bread with a single firing, with cement ovens a maximum of 2. This is to emphasize the concept of heat retention, which terracotta absorbs and releases gradually and steadily!

Certified ovens

All our ovens are certified for food use

Who chose us

Cigarba - Prato
Pizzeria Grace - Prato
Excellence Academy - Rome
Pizzeria San Salvador - Soriano Calabro
Le Arcate - Prato
Lievità snc - Sesto Fiorentino
Farina del mio sacco - Pisa
Pizzeria Ristorante Tenki - Florence
Az. Agricola Monchini - Viterbo
Così Com'è - Prato
L'angolo della pizza - Florence
Casale le Pergole - Florence
Chef Robertino (Ru)
Alternos srl - Sassari
Moshe Bar - Israel
Bengal Fish - England
Ass. Culturale Marscialla
Pizz alla casa - France
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All our professional ovens for pizzerias and restaurants come with assembly instructions and are secured with suitable packaging for their shipment and transport.

We provide remote after-sales technical support

We provide remote technical assistance for guided assembly

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