Replacement of cooking floors for wood-fired ovens

Cooking floors for wood-fired ovens -Goti Terrecotte manufacturer cooking floors for wood-fired oven made in Italy

Do you need to replace the cooking floor of your wood-fired oven? Goti Terrecotte has the ideal solution for you!

Our cooking floors made of hand-pressed refractory terracotta come in a rectangular shape or with rounded edges, and are available in different sizes.
The hand pressing method used for building our ovens allows us to create extremely efficient and high quality cooking floors. Hand-pressed terracotta is lined on the inside with an “open pore” mesh reinforcement.
This particular structure allows heat to spread evenly and facilitates the evaporation of moisture coming from the food. The complete evaporation of moisture delivers unbeatably tasty and crunchy meals that are impossible to achieve with conventional ovens.
Goti Terrecotte produces cooking floors that can fit any type of oven, even those produced by different manufacturers.

Just tell us the size of your cooking floor and together we will find the perfect solution.

What if you have a particular type of oven?

No problem! We provide custom-designed cooking floors upon request.

When is the right time to replace a cooking floor?

In general, cooking floors should normally be replaced in case of breakage or deterioration.
Owing to our great experience, professionalism and traditional craftsmanship applied to our products, replacing your old cooking floor with a Goti cooking floor will surely increase the quality of your dishes and add true value to your culinary creations.
Cooking floors for wood-fired ovens

Cooking floors for wood-fired ovens