Italian brick pizza oven -Goti Terrecotte manufacturer brick pizza oven made in Italy

Craftsmanship from the past.
Since 1973, Goti Snc has been producing the following artisan handcrafted items:

  • Indoor Pizza Ovens

  • Outdoor Pizza Ovens

  • Pots, Basins and Oil jars

  • Classic Tuscan Roof Tiles

  • Fountains, Sinks and Basins

  • Glazed and Decorated Amphoras and Bas-reliefs

Our product range includes over 1000 classic and modern décor items and we can create any artifact according to design or upon request. “90% of our production ends up in our customers’ gardens”, says Giancarlo, owner of Goti Terrecotte d'Autore.
Thanks to a wide variety of outdoor wood-fired ovens made of refractory terracotta we are able to meet any demand. “Our customers never fail to find the outdoor oven that suits their needs”, says Sara, Giancarlo's daughter.
Excellent results are achieved by hand! The aesthetic quality of our products and above all, the technical performance reached during the firing phase are guaranteed by high standards of craftsmanship.
Italian brick pizza oven
Italian brick pizza oven
All Goti Terrecotte d’Autore products, from wood-fired ovens to designer terracotta items, are made using the ancient hand-pressing technique.

The same techniques are also applied to all our professional and outdoor/garden ovens. Goti Production of Hand - Pressed Terracotta Artifacts

Quality - assured, Lab certified Refractory mixture.

The raw material we use comes directly from the quarries of Impruneta. This unique clay, which is only found in the territory of Impruneta, confers an inimitable colour to the finished product, besides making it extremely frost-resistant.
Top-Quality Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens for Food Use. Quality assurance and food safety certifications are fundamental in delivering excellent, pure and above all, safe refractory material.

Our particular clay mixture comes from clean, certified aggregates, hand-processed according to tradition. Years of research has allowed us to develop food safe products with a minimum risk of inert materials coming into contact with food during cooking. Both our professional and garden ovens have the same certifications.
Italian brick pizza oven
Italian brick pizza oven
We carry out ongoing research in three main areas:
  • Quality Improvement and reduction of Production Costs

  • Oven usability and ergonomics

  • Performance

A practical example of product development in this respect is our latest solution: an oven made of highly insulating and heat retaining material, combined with great versatility. Goti Transportable Wood-fired Pizza Ovens. We offer the opportunity to purchase a "Finished Product” with no need for masonry work. Extremely versatile, these ovens represent the ideal outdoor solution; they can be decorated according to your design, thus becoming a remarkable element of garden décor.
Ergonomics and cooking versatility: two key elements in the design of the “Wide mouth” wood-fired oven. Fancy the idea of serving giant pizzas to your friends in your back garden? No problem… there you have it!
Italian brick pizza oven
Italian brick pizza oven
A secret recipe combined with the traditional hand – pressing technique. The making of our terracotta wood-fired ovens involves a particular, certified mixture, which is rigorously hand-pressed into the moulds. Our meticulous attention to detail stems from decades of experience in the sector. Drying and Firing phases.
The artifacts are left to fire for 5 days in a dedicated oven at a temperature of 1040°C. Accuracy during the drying phase prevents breakages when the objects are fired, and ensures higher mechanical resistance.

Italian brick pizza oven