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Thanks to our reliable and efficient organization, we can ship our terracotta ovens and artistic ceramics all over Italy and abroad!

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Craftsmanship from the past

Goti Snc has been dedicated since 1973 to the production of handcrafted items, such as:

  • Indoor Pizza Ovens

  • Outdoor Pizza ovens

  • Pots, basins and oil jars

  • Classic Tuscan Roof Tiles

  • Fountains, Sinks and Basins

  • Glazed and Decorated Amphoras and Bas-reliefs

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At the end of the 1990s, competition, especially from Eastern Europe - where labour costs were extremely low - along with the market laws, started to become tougher, causing us to consider a change of course.

Up till then,  we had been engaged in the manufacture of small-sized artifacts starting as early as the 1960s and becoming official in 1973. Business had been running smoothly, taking root in the territory and meeting the needs of the area. However, globalization was on the rise and to avoid giving up, we had to start thinking big with a view to reinventing and expanding ourselves.

This called for refining our product developing strategy while focusing more on niche markets. For this reason,

Goti Terrecotte

seeks and obtains the prestigious “Impruneta clay”, an incomparable raw material. Its excellent frost-proof properties and most of all, the ability to withstand exposure to water makes it able to resist the lowest temperatures and last almost forever. We also had to rethink our entire manufacturing process, which, of course, became more complex and time-consuming.
Italian pizza oven
Italian pizza oven

Impruneta clay

is hand-pressed into moulds and dries very slowly. Firing it at extremely high temperatures also takes a lot time.
Over time, production starts to expand, even though the size of the company and number of employees are reduced.

The company, one of the few that still manages to survive in the area of Sesto Fiorentino and Calenzano, starts opening up to the foreign market. Following years of redesigning and hard the end of the first decade of 2000, Goti Terrecotte decides to give its business history a further twist.
This called for a more farsighted approach with a view towards foreign market demand and the food sector, which literally meant walking through fire. Such shift of focus will eventually lead to the production of ovens, of which 12 models already exist.

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The one and only Wood-fired Pizza Oven made of Certified Refractory Terracotta

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Italian pizza oven